RVA - Motivated Education for the Gifted

At Renaissance Village Academy, all subjects are taught in greater depth than the minimum requirements and connections are made across the curriculum—children are allowed to advance beyond their grade levels as soon as they show mastery of a subject.

RVA is located just 20 miles north of downtown SD, in the Scripps Ranch neighborhood (only 2 blocks east of I-15):

9988 Hibert St., Suite 301
San Diego, CA  92131

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858 . 564 . 9622

Nancy Retter (Director)

RVA specializes in teaching (profoundly) gifted children, and is also experienced in teaching bright Asperger's children, and others on the highly-functional end of the Autism sprectrum.

Consider RVA as an alternative school experience for your gifted and/or motivated children.

About Our Name...

The name Renaissance Village Academy was chosen with care to reflect the goals of the school.  We want to create and nurture Renaissance men and women, citizens who understand the world around them in all its glory and diversity, the natural world, the social world, and the political world.

Too often today children are pigeonholed at an early age, focusing only on a favorite subject or two rather than the wider view.  We take as our models the polymaths Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Jefferson.

The best way to help children grow and learn is to create a sense of community where we all look out for one another – hence Village (as in "It takes a village....).  The Tribes Program is used to foster inclusion, which will, over time, become influence, and ultimately acceptance / affection.

Finally, the name Academy takes its inspiration from Plato's Academy in Athens, where Plato taught his followers to think using the Socratic method.

"Information is abundant, Wisdom is scarce."

Knowledge without thought is just information. In order to understand that knowledge and to make decisions based upon it, children must learn how to think about what they've learned, how to judge the accuracy / biases of their sources, and how to weigh conflicting information to form their own conclusions.

The Mission of Renaissance Village Academy

(NOTE: Mission Statements are a way to let you know a school's goals,
but the format is limiting. We invite you to read Our Philosophy to get
a more complete idea of what RVA is all about.)

The mission of Renaissance Village Academy is to provide gifted, profoundly gifted, and highly motivated students with the experiences and knowledge they will need to be successful navigating the complexities of the world from an international perspective.

They will be guided to develop compassion and tolerance through study of other languages and cultures. RVA students will be taught in a way that recognizes their intellectual gifts while acknowledging that they are still maturing. The enthusiasm their teachers have for learning will provide them with role models for becoming life-long learners themselves.

RVA Mascot - the Meerkat

Our Mascot

Mascots should reflect the philosophy of the school. RVA's mascot is the meerkat, a communal animal of Africa.

The family always sets a sentinel to warn the group of dangers. The sentinel foregoes foraging for the day and is the last one into the burrow when danger threatens, putting the needs of the community before his/her own.

And when the young emerge from the burrow, each is assigned an older tutor to teach the rudimentary skills necessary for survival.

We hope to inculcate in our students that sense of community and caring for others.